What we're about

Erzulie is the haitian voodou spirit of love, beauty, and dance.

like the spirit herself, cafe erzulie comes in many forms. by day, we are a flower shop and cafe, serving delicious food and coffee. by night, we transform into a cocktail bar, with tasty drinks and bewitching vibes.

Our cafe and backyard garden will transport you from the busy city streets to the lush haitian tropics. come escape.



Monday: 7am to 6:30 pm

Tuesday: 7am To 6:30 pm

Wednesday: 7am to 12 am.

 Thursday: 7am to 12 am

 Friday: 7am to 2am

Saturday: 8am to 2am

Sunday: 8am to 8pm


894 Broadway

Brooklyn, New york 11206